Achieve your fitness and nutrition goals

Our fitness expert Samantha Clayton shows you how to do our convenient and customizable Herbalife24 certified fitness routines. Grab a friend, watch the videos at home or on the go, perform the exercises and progress through the series until you achieve your desired fitness level.

The Active Body Fit workout program helps you achieve an improved level of fitness through exercises that provide repetition, gradual progression and periods of rest. You’ll achieve maximum benefits from the program when combined with a smart nutrition plan that helps you to build, repair and replenish your body. Performing these safe and fun exercises as part of a healthy, active lifestyle will help you take the guess work out of planning your fitness routine.

Each week, we provide you with three workouts routines consisting of five exercises each, all designed to keep your mind engaged and your body progressing. You can customize each workout to your needs by doing standard or modified exercises. You’ll progress through Foundation, Interval and Endurance workout routines each week and at the end of each month you can test your fitness level with a Challenge workout. The best part is you can start the program anytime, do the workouts alone or with friends, and do them at home or anywhere you want. Now let’s get to it and have some fun!

Month 1


Month 2

Month 3

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