6 Tasty ways to add more greens to your diet


Dark leafy greens are nutritional powerhouses, loaded with iron, calcium, fibre and vitamins A, C, and K. Are you eating enough?

To channel your inner Popeye and incorporate more greens in your diet, here are six tasty ways to think outside the bowl:


1. Sneak them into a shake

When added to a shake, the taste of spinach and some other greens mysteriously disappears. Try adding two cups of beet greens to your shake, which are high in vitamins and minerals. Beet greens also have more iron than spinach.


2. Stuff them into a sandwich

Make your sandwich rise to the occasion by stuffing it with less meat and more vegetables. Pile a fistful of spinach onto your chicken sandwich or add several leaves of lettuce to your turkey on whole grain.

Add a slice of avocado for some heart-healthy fat.


3. Sautee them with garlic and olive oil

Kale’s bitter taste and tough texture are hard for many to swallow. However, it’s one of the most nutrient-dense greens in the garden. For an easy side dish, sauté a bunch of chopped kale with olive oil, garlic, a touch of red pepper flakes and a dash of red wine vinegar to season. Voila!


4. Stir them into a soup

Greens work well in all kinds of soups and stews. Consider kale for Italian soups and spinach for bean-based recipes. When it’s cold outside, try a protein-packed vegetable and chicken soup.


5. Savour them in pesto

Replace half or more of the basil in your favourite pesto recipe with kale or spinach. You won’t taste the difference, and you’ll give your pasta a nutritional boost.


6. Scramble them into an omelette

Start your day with an omelette stuffed with spinach, mushrooms and other veggies of choice. Most of us struggle to eat the recommended daily servings of fruit and vegetables. With a little creativity, you can up your greens consumption and add variety to your meals at the same time.

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