Breakfast Tips from Susan Bowerman

  • Healthy breakfast meals make healthy dinners, too.
  • A veggie omelette with fruit has fewer calories than most traditional dinner meals.
  • More than half of your body’s carbohydrate stores are drained overnight. Healthy carbohydrates at breakfast help you replenish your stores.
  • Another reason to eat breakfast: Skipping your first meal can cause your metabolic rate to dip by up to 10%.
  • Whirl some berries in the blender and use the puree on top of whole grain waffles, instead of syrup, to boost nutrition and reduce sugar intake.
  • Here’s a great reason to eat a high protein breakfast – you may eat fewer calories for the rest of the day and lose body fat, too.
  • When you eat the right foods for breakfast, you’re providing your muscles and brain with the fuel they need for optimal performance.
  • Breakfast idea: Rolled oats prepared with milk or soy milk; stir in protein powder and fruit after cooking.
  • Breakfast idea: Whole grain crackers spread with
  • non-fat ricotta cheese and topped with sliced berries.
  • When breakfast is high in protein, it tends to reduce cravings for salty, fatty foods.
  • A balanced breakfast that contains both protein and healthy carbohydrates can provide a steady and sustained release of energy into your system.
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