Formula 1: A convenient and Delicious Shake


Formula 1: A convenient and Delicious Shake That Meets Your Nutritional Needs

Our mission at Herbalife Nutrition is as simple as it is bold: to make the world a better place through good nutrition. We encourage customers to eat right, exercise regularly, and supplement it all with personalised programs. We try to make it easy for our distributors and consumers to join in on the effort to make good on our goal.

The daily routine can be complicated. But balanced nutrition shouldn’t be. In fact, it should be as straightforward as remembering to eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Each meal is a chance to improve your nutrition and ensure you are ingesting calories packed with the nutrients needed to replenish and rebuild. This concept of “nutrient density” is the foundation of a healthier lifestyle. And Herbalife Nutrition can be your partner in living it. How can we help you inject balanced nutrition into your day? It all starts with our signature product: Formula 1.

What is Formula 1?
Formula 1 is a high-quality meal replacement shake that provides vital nutrients, vitamins, and proteins. It is built on sound science and as millions of customers can attest to: the varieties of flavours are delicious.
Its formula was developed by nutritionists and food scientists to help people improve their wellbeing through responsible weight management.
Formula 1 is intended to supplement smarter eating and more exercise, to be part of a balanced daily regimen. Whether you’re focused on weight loss, building up muscle, maintaining a good diet, or all of the above, Formula 1 is a key addition to your routine.

Why use Formula 1?
So now that we know what this shake is and does, the question is: what sets Formula 1 apart? What makes it one of the world’s most popular shakes?
Formula 1 can be tailored to you. Anyone can customise it to his or her unique needs, tastes, or preferences. Consumers can mix in whatever they want, from nuts to fruits and vegetables to different flavours and other nutritious add-ons.
Formula 1 is not a cure-all for whatever ails us or one-size-fits-all proposition. It is a foundation for a healthy lifestyle. In effect, as Herbalife, we try to provide the cornerstones of a balanced diet, and it’s up to each and every individual to build up the structure of a shake that works for them. Frankly, we know as well as anybody that no two consumers are the same, and no two shakes should be either.

John Agwunobi
M.D., M.B.A., M.P.H.
Chief Health & Nutrition Officer, Herbalife Nutrition.

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