Why having a Healthy Breakfast is important


Why having a Healthy Breakfast is important to Western Sydney Wanderers’ striker Brendon Santalab

Western Sydney Wanderers’ key striker Brendon Santalab #11 values the importance of incorporating proper nutrition to kick start his day and support his performance.

“Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Fuelling the body with the right foods first thing in the morning helps with my energy levels, concentration and focus.”

Those who don’t eat in the morning have likely heard all the reasons they should try to break the breakfast-skipping habit. But just in case you need a reminder – here’s a quick recap.

When you get up in the morning, you’ve gone a pretty long stretch without eating. Even though you’ve been sleeping, your body has been tapping into stored fuel to keep your systems going. If you don’t top up your tank in the morning, you’ll lack the mental and physical energy you need to get through your workout and your workday. Not only that, the breakfast habit is associated with better weight management and a better diet over all. The vast majority of those who have successfully lost weight and kept it off eat breakfast nearly every day. On the other hand, people who skip breakfast consume more fat, cholesterol, calories, and sugar – and fewer fruits and vegetables – than those who routinely eat breakfast.

Having breakfast is really important and the right foods that contain high protein and fibre in the morning can help you shine all day. Staying hydrated is also key!

“Hydration is a very important part of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Using products from the Herbalife24 sports nutrition range along with CR7 Drive enables me to stay hydrated throughout my heavy training schedule,” says Santalab.

“I include Herbalife24 Rebuild Strength into my balanced diet, and when I am on the road in between matches I like to snack on the Herbalife Nutrition Vanilla Almond Protein Bar – which is my favourite!”


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