Think Like an Athlete


Thinking like an athlete is about being focused on your goals.

By focusing on the end result, athletes are better able to prioritize, and we really can apply that focus in every part of our lives. Whether we’re preparing for a training session, thinking about food and how to refuel our bodies, or planning a fun and relaxing outing, we’re thinking about what we want to achieve.

This approach can be helpful for everyone, in all walks of life. Try thinking about what you want to achieve and you may be able to think past all the other chatter that your brain is always throwing at you.

For instance, when you’re heading to the gym, are you already thinking about what you’ll be doing later? Is the gym something you want to get over and done with? Perhaps you’re even one of the many who dread going to the gym and try any number of avoidance tactics?

By deciding to think like an athlete, you can make a workout more fun and less of a drain. Rather than counting the minutes until you can stop, think about how your body is improving with each thing you do.

It’s the same with meal times. As an athlete you have to think about your long-term goals rather than focusing on short-term treats.

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