Essential Nutrition For Your Select Needs

Savour the goodness of Formula 1 Select
You take great care in choosing wholesome, natural ingredients, and sometimes your nutritional needs evolve. Depending on your goal, you may seek more of one ingredient – like quality, plant-based protein – and less of another.

The power to choose is in your hands, especially with Formula 1 Select.

Formula 1 Select was developed with your unique needs in mind – starting with non-GM ingredients and an easily digestible, alternative protein blend. Each serving contains a mix of pea, quinoa and rice proteins to help nourish your body, satisfy your hunger and energise your day.

Because every ingredient counts, Formula 1 Select also contains over 20 essential vitamins and minerals to fill nutritional gaps and helps you thrive. All this in a delicious, ‘free-from’ formula that contains no gluten, artificial flavours or sweeteners.
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