Why is hydration good for you?


Hydration can be fulfilled from a combination of not only water but also food, contributing to our daily water consumption, yet the amount varies widely.
Milk, fresh fruits and vegetables are among the  foods with a very high concentration of water. This provides us with a wide variety of beverages where better hydration can be accomplished.

Even though teas and coffees contain caffeine which promotes water loss from urine, if consumed in a controlled way it contributes to our daily water intake. Herbal teas are preferred over regular teas or coffee as they tend to have lower caffeine content.

Herbalife Instant Herbal Beverage is a herbal beverage with tea extracts from a combination of green tea, orange pekoe tea, malva, hibiscus and cardamom. Besides contributing to your water intake, Herbalife Instant Herbal Beverages are low in calories and helps increase alertness, and can make you feel energetic. It comes in different flavours, and can be consumed cold or hot.

Why not use your favourite Herbalife Instant Beverage flavour to make Ice-tea? A very convenient way to drink all year round.

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