Herbalife Healthy Shake Recipes

Herbalife Recipes are easy to make and nutrients rich meals

Here you can find some creative Herbalife recipes that combine the Herbalife Formula 1 Nutritional Shake Mix with many different flavours and ingredients. Herbalife knows how important it is to start your day the right way, and with a healthy shake they make this possible.

No matter what your health goal is achieving it is as easy as 3-2-1. Three times a day you should take your supplements and enhancers to support healthy weight management. Enjoy two meal-replacement shakes, personalised to the protein needs of your body, plus protein snacks to keep your metabolism up. Herbalife Shakes are simple to make, tasty and fun and we have some great Herbalife recipes for you to use.

Lastly once a day you should eat one healthy meal that is made up of foods you love, making sure to include a source of lean protein plus colourful fruits and vegetables. Once you have achieved your weight loss goal, or if you are already at your ideal weight, our products can help you maintain it.

Herbalife Formula 1 Nutritional Shakes come in five different flavours, French Vanilla, Dutch Chocolate, Berry Flavour, Cookies n’ Cream and Mint Chocolate. They are really easy to prepare all you have to do is add skim or soy milk. To make the shake it is as simple as either shaking by hand in a sealed flask, use a mini blender or an electric blender. The final product froths up readily and has a smooth and creamy consistency.

Herbalife shakes also have an enhance fibre blend for a smoother, easier mixing shake. You can create your own shake recipes by adding fresh fruit and ice or you can use the wide range of Herbalife recipes that we have provided to make a super delicious Herbalife shake.

All of our Herbalife recipes are easy to make and you can have a satisfying shake in minutes. The great thing about Herbalife Shakes is that you can combine other Herbalife Nutrition products to maximise the nutritional benefits from your shakes. Other Herbalife products that can be added include Personalised Protein Powder; which can help to increase your protein consumption and maintain a sense of fullness between meals, Herbal Aloe Concentrate which helps support good digestion and Active Fibre Complex to help support regularity and healthy digestion.

Each Herbalife shake provides the nutrients you need in every delicious sip. Discover shake after shake that taste as delightful as they look, while all requiring minimal effort and preparation. Enjoy the Herbalife recipes and keep leading your healthy active lifestyle – we’ve got the shakes covered.

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