Perfect for the holiday season when you’re pressed for time


Some exercise is always better than doing none at all. Commit to doing quick five-minute workouts any week you feel too busy to hit the gym. If getting in your daily 30 minutes is challenging this week, commit to five-minute bouts of exercise to ensure that you stay on track with your personal body composition goals.

Short workouts are a perfect option for days when you know you are busy. If you perform six 5 minute workouts, that’s your 30-minute health benefits of exercise met for the day. If you only have time to do one or two routines, get in the rest of your exercise minutes with walking and staying generally active.

An at-home workout can be highly effective. Even if you only have time to squeeze in a few minutes of exercise, it can make a big difference with how you feel. Getting your body moving each day can build your self-confidence and your muscles too. Make this festive season a healthy and fit one.


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